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Counselling with Zana

How I work

My way of working is grounded in Gestalt practice, which is an holistic approach.


I therefore work with the whole person. Your thinking mind, your emotions, beliefs and your body are all interlinking parts of the same whole - you. I believe effective therapy should take account of all aspects of a person; it should be holistic. So although we will probably mostly talk we might also explore posture or breathing or take a more creative approach. Having said that, I will never insist that you work in a way that you are very uncomfortable with or that feels too challenging at that time.


Gestalt therapy combines this holistic view with exploring habitual cycles or repeated patterns in your life, looking at where and how you might feel stuck or feel as if you're always doing, saying, feeling the same way. It's the "here we go again" feeling. We are who we are because of the past. We can't change the past but we can change our reactions to it. You may have built up ways of being, living, reacting, that were useful to you "back then". Often these strategies are so much a part of you that you don't notice them any more. You are invited to explore the continuing relevance of your familiar, habitual patterns. Then, in the safety of the counselling setting, you can experiment with new ways of being, gradually moving towards therapeutic change. You might find you can bring closure to something from the past or gain deeper understanding or insight about aspects of you.


Many people come to counselling simply to benefit from feeling listened to and supported at challenging times in their lives.


Whatever therapeutic approach we take, I aim to work with you in a respectful, professional way.


You and I will decide together how many sessions you might need. Sometimes people feel better after a relatively short time – perhaps after about 6 to 10 weekly sessions – but other people need much longer.  Every few weeks we will have an informal review so you can make decisions about continuing with counselling.

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