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Counselling with Zana

What to expect

If you have never had counselling before you might find it unusual to share private or personal issues with someone you hardly know. The relationship between us is different from a friendship because each session will focus on you and your needs. It's quite usual for clients to take some time building up a sense of trust with their counsellor. We will work at your pace and have regular informal reviews to assess how you feel counselling is helping you.  


Therapeutic change often takes time. The speed at which you begin to feel different or better varies according to all sorts of things including you, me, the relationship between us, what you bring to the sessions, how ready or supported you feel, etc.


Talking about things that have been buried for a long time or that evoke painful or difficult feelings can be understandably hard. If a particular issue is too difficult for you to talk about we can put it to one side until you feel ready to look at it again. It can be really helpful if you can also try and find ways outside counselling to support yourself through any difficult times. This might involve getting together with friends or spending time relaxing, going for a walk or pursuing a hobby for example.  


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